Scholarship Directions

There are two ways you can access the scholarships from your home computer.

Please read through all directions before continuing.

1) Using Word.

    Click on the "Scholarships" button.

    Click on scholarship of choice by selecting the (Word) file.

    Click Open or Save, whichever you prefer.

    Next click "Open"

    Now you may begin entering information.

2) Using Interactive Forms On-line.

Click on the "Scholarships" button.

Click on scholarship of choice.

Once the scholarship is pulled up go to "File/SaveAs"

Save this document to your Desktop as the scholarship name.
Example: Save the American Legion scholarship as "American Legion".

*To be able to save your information on the scholarships you must have the updated Adobe Acrobat installed. To install this go to  and select the Adobe 8 Standard and then download a free trial for 30 days. You may have to restart your computer for Acrobat to work after it is installed.

Double-click the scholarship icon that is on your desktop now.

This should pull up your scholarship form that you may now complete on the computer.

I recommend that when you have large amounts of information to include you attach your own table or file. These boxes will only accommodate about 4-6 lines of text.

o If you do use the boxes provided on the on-line application, be sure to pay attention to when you run out of room. Your text will rotate up which indicates that you are out of space in that box. Any text typed after this will not print. Use the arrow keys to go back up to be certain you have no lost text.

To print you may either use the "Print Form" button or you can choose "File/Print" from the menu bar.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jennifer Chandler at 573-633-2410 or e-mail